Cable Locks - Circular Needle Cord Stops for Knitting

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Keep your stitches securely on your needles with our new Cable Locks! These little buddies are the perfect addition to your knitting bag. 

How to Use

  • Slide them on your needles to lock your stitches securely in place between knitting sessions
  • Use them as end stops and remove your interchangeable needle tips for another project.
  • Slide one onto the middle of your cable and keep your stitches close to your needle tip on those large projects and long circular needles.
  • For larger needles, remove the (interchangeable) needle tips first, then add your cable lock to lock your stitches in place.


  • Contains 2 pairs of cord stops in the selected size
  • Sizes available:
    • Small - Fits needles up to US 6
    • Medium - Fits needles up to US 8
    • Large - Fits needles up to US 10.5
  • Made in the US
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