Tea Towel Kit - Yoga Yarn


Fiber: 82% Cotton / 18% Nylon core

Length Per Unit: 1260m (1386yds).
Contains 3 units per kit: 4158yds total.

Unit Weight: 200gm cone at net standard condition

Weaving Sett: 15 – 20epi

Weight/Type: 8/2 equivalent

Wraps Per Inch: 28

Do not bleach, Hot iron, Machine wash, Tumble dry low


Yoga Yarn tea Towel Kits! These were so popular last time we offered them we have some new colourway kits available now for a limited time.  

With this fabulous kit, you can weave six (or more) lovely, fresh and funky tea towels from just 3 cones of our Yoga Yarn.  

These tea towels are light, soft, absorbent and durable. 

Our Yoga Yarn is super for new rigid heddle weavers to use as it has just enough "give" to make weaving cotton a pleasure. 

Choose from FOUR great colourways –  The kit includes instructions to weave six tea towels, a combination of blocks and stripes and with details in brooks bouquet and 3 cones of Yoga Yarn. 

These can be woven on any Ashford rigid heddle loom 16" or wider with a 15dpi reed.

About the yarn

Yoga yarn is 35% lighter in weight than the 100% cotton in an equivalent weight. This is best when you want the bulk and density of a heavier yarn, but not the physical weight. Use Yoga yarn for fabrics, jackets, pull-overs, scarves, shawls and homewares which will have the bulk and density you want but at the same time staying light!

Yoga yarn has a nylon filament core completely covered by a cotton outer wrap! Get the best of both worlds: strength and elasticity of nylons with the natural comfort and beauty of cotton!

It is a 2 ply (two threads plied together) yarn – each ply is cotton spun over the nylon filament – the nylon filament is not visible and it will dye like 100% cotton.
It is such a pleasure to weave with this yarn. Due to the slight elasticity of the yarn there will be no more “saggy shed” when weaving on a rigid heddle loom!
This is Ne 8/2, but looks and weaves like Ne 5/2. You can use it in warp and weft and in any combination with other yarns.



“我很高兴终于找到了我完美的当地纱线商店。他们提供各种令人惊叹的纱线,从本地采购的纱线到小批量的绵羊,再到绞纱,再到自然染色的纱线。我已经去过两次了(到目前为止!)并且我”我总是很好地打招呼。它不像一些商店那样给人一种小集团或势利的感觉。他们的产品范围真的很棒,到目前为止我已经在这里买到了毛衣纱线和用于 2 种不同披肩的纱线。Dawn 也提供了很棒的颜色建议.强烈推荐!” - 谷歌评论
“我无法给这家店留下足够高的分数。10000/10。我一走进去,就受到了热情的问候,并立即得到了帮助。我进去买袜子纱线,但被所有令人惊叹的当地纱线淹没了.我喜欢他们与纱线工匠有直接的关系。当我在挑选一根线束时遇到问题时,她甚至在打烊后几分钟留下来。从来没有感到匆忙或她想让我离开。她花时间确保我得到了完全正确的产品,甚至把我的绞纱放入蛋糕中,这是我以前从未享受过的令人惊叹的服务。我对这个地方赞不绝口。我肯定会更频繁地去那里旅行!” - 谷歌评论



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